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A collection of 28 short stories, adapted from my original microfiction. This collection contains improved versions of all the stories published to my twitter account up to November 2020, as well as three original stories just for this book. Written by me (Ember Song) and carefully edited by Cassandra Sparks and sporkife, this is the best way to enjoy my stories!

If you're interested in AIs having feelings, monsters in love, lonesome horror, unusual found families, and lesbians who happen to be skeletons, you're in the right place.
Please, enjoy.

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Tagsanthology, Fantasy, LGBTQIA, Sci-fi


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The Ballad of the Lesbian Skeleton Queens 544 kB


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Lots of really great short fiction! A really enjoyable blend of humor, romance, horror, and general queer and trans positivity <3

This was really good!

You've pretty much single-handedly gotten me into monster romance: I adore the ones about Haruka and Sal, and the gorgon and vampire ones were really sweet. (I'm also really hoping the one on page 23 ends well for the protagonist. Though I'll confess I wasn't able to figure out what the misspelling was.) Also the funny ones were spot-on: the one on page 27 caught me wonderfully off-guard, and the one on page 45 had me giggling for a solid 5 minutes. (Being a bit indirect to avoid spoiling anyone.)

I really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing! :D

Ah, All Hail the Spider Queen. The misspelling is "anarcho-monarchism" --> "arachno-monarchism".

Thanks for reading and sharing your response. <3

Dang that is clever. Makes sense!


NOTE: Sorry epub users, but I flat out don't have the capability to create a working EPUB version right now. I've tried, but my software breaks the book every time. I'll keep looking into it, but I can't promise it will be viable.

Augh, sorry that’s the case! Here’s hoping a solution presents itself to you soon.